Watch: Born Ruffians frontman Luke Lalonde announces sophomore solo album ‘The Perpetual Optimist,’ releases video for title track

'The Perpetual Optimist' drops on November 22

Born Ruffians frontman Luke Lalonde has announced his forthcoming sophomore solo album, The Perpetual Optimist, which is set for release on November 22nd. As part of the announcement, he’s released an endearing video for the album’s title track.

The new track revolves around a quirky guitar line, and LaLonde’s gritty vocals as he sings lines like, “You are the perpetual optimist/ Get no reward if you take no risk.” The accompanying clip fits the track perfectly, with colourful, muted sets as LaLonde plays along to the energetic, folky tune.

LaLonde explains that he frequently finds himself ending up in cemeteries, finding inspiration to write lyrics and poems. “So as I sit surrounded by decaying corpses and summer skies, waiting for a muse, I’ve realized, that’s what the record is about, more or less,” LaLonde explains in a statement. “I sense we’re all bound for that eternal rest. My pen hovers above the page and I think about humanity in the 21st century, suspended on a wire in a hurricane.”

Watch the video for “The Perpetual Optimist” below.