Watch: Born Ruffians share “Don’t Live Up” Video

The band mimics the difficulties of keeping with every day band life

Born Ruffians reveal the struggle they face as a band touring and doing their best to impress their fans in their new “Don’t Live Up” video. Given the distressed Luke Lalonde at the end of the video, it’s clear he is trying to get the message across that things aren’t always what they seem.

Jared Raab, the films director wanted to bring the track’s themes of dreams and disappointment to life, and give us a taste of the harsh realities of a touring band.

Fans only get a glimpse of what touring is all about; convincing them that it is a life full of glamour.

In an email for NPR, Luke writes, “No one is really aware of the nine hours sitting in a van, the toll on your mental and physical health from no sleep, poor eating, drinking too much or indulging on other bad behaviors,” says Lalonde. “It seems romantic to some, but in fact it can be pretty dark.”

Regardless, the band “couldn’t be more excited to go on tour this fall!”

“Don’t Live Up” is the first track on the band’s new record RUFF, which is set for release October 2nd via Paper Bag Records.