Watch: Born Ruffians (Stiegl Hidden Studio Sessions)

Born Ruffians play "Yawn Tears" and "When Things Get Pointless I Roll Away" live in the Stiegl Hidden Studio.

Considering how young the members of Born Ruffians are, its hard to believe they’ve actually been working together as a band for almost fifteen years. They released probably their strongest album yet in 2015 with Ruff, followed by extensive touring throughout the year. This past year saw the return of original drummer Steve Hamelin, who had still recorded parts for their last album but took a break from touring to finish school. After some initial rockiness, the band is back in the pocket and operating as a well oiled machine.

They visited us in the Stiegl Hidden Studio to perform two tracks from RUFF, “Yawn Tears” and “When Things Get Pointless I Roll Away”.

We highly recommend you crank your volume on this one.