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Watch: Brad Sucks shares lyric video for catchy, psychedelic new track ‘Fun Guy’

Canadian indie rocker Brad Sucks is gearing up to release his first album in over 4 years, A New Low In Hi-Fi, which is out on June 10th. Today, he’s shared the album’s third and final single, “Fun Guy,” alongside a lyric video for the track.

“Fun Guy” comes packed with psychedelic-tinged instrumentals, as it slowly builds into an explosive, catchy anthem. Brad Sucks’ dreamy, cyclical vocals take the lead on this tune, as he delivers lines like, “Oh my god it’s getting harder to focus/ On one day still becoming a fun guy/ I like it like I like my emotions/ In teeny tiny micro doses.” The accompanying lyric video revolves around a set of trippy mushrooms that change colours throughout the clip.

“I was on antidepressants on and off (mostly on) for over 20 years and I was getting sick and tired of it,” Brad Sucks explains of the track. “Despite the meds I’d wind up feeling like trash again and the solution was always to double the dosage or switch medications and nothing would ever really last, plus the side effects sucked. I read about psychedelic mushrooms being used therapeutically and was really into the idea that maybe a big dose would give me a jolt of perspective that’d turn me into a better, happier guy. Kinda magical thinking but overall it did change the way I think about life.”

Watch the lyric video for “Fun Guy” below.

A New Low In Hi-Fi sees Brad Sucks returning to release new music after a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo.

Check out the tracklist for A New Low In Hi-Fi below.

A New Low In Hi-Fi Tracklist:

01 – “In It to Win It (feat. Jason Lytle)”
02 – “All Right Now”
03 – “Fun Guy”
04 – “How to Not Kill Yourself”
05 – “A Little Distance”
06 – “Blackout Drunk”
07 – “The Motivation”
08 – “Paranoid Enough”
09 – “Better Than Nothing”
10 – “Lonely”

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