Watch: Brave Shores Release Video for ‘Middle Game’ with interactive video game

A clickable 90's-esque game

Brave Shores have just released a new video for their digital video game style track “Middle Game.”

The video shows people playing an animated game that accompanies the song. In fact, they’ve released a website where you can play the game itself as you listen to the upbeat electronic track. In the high-energy one-of-a-kind adventure, you have a limited amount of time in each room where your character can dance, grab items, collect coins, and interact with characters throughout the entirety of the song.

There is a character for the two siblings in the band, where Jay is portrayed as a clay sculpture that was 3D scanned, and Stef is made into hand-drawn pixel art.

Watch the video below, and play the game here.

Throughout the game, all you know is that you can click stuff and be rewarded for your own curiosity. With subtle character arcs in seemingly new stuff in every round, this 90’s PC game-esque site is a unique way to release a track.