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Watch: Brent Trades DJ Skills for Retirement Wisdom

The last thing on most twenty-somethings’ mind is saving for retirement.

Sure, retirement is technically something we’re all working towards, but between the workweek hustle and fun weekend plans, it gets very little thought. At a time when we’re trying to adjust to life out of the nest and accept the sky-rocketing state of Toronto real estate, it’s even more uncommon that millennials begin saving for retirement. Hey, rent’s not cheap these days (and burritos aren’t getting any cheaper either).

Indie88 announcer / morning show producer Brent swapped places with a retiree to get valuable lessons on life in the golden years show and to introduce her to life as a radio DJ.

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The video is part of a campaign for the Ontario Retirement Pension Plan (ORPP) aimed at giving young adults a look into the life of retirement and to start thinking ahead. Learn how the plan can help you!

As someone who spends money on dumb things on the all the time, I had no idea I should be putting away retirement money at such a young age. A lot of retirement pensions don’t do nearly as much as you’d expect, it makes you think twice about using Uber Eats twice a day. -Brent

Brent’s video is one of a three part series produced by the Government of Ontario, which also features a typical gamer and a YouTube personality swapping places with retired folks. Check them out over on the Government of Ontario’s YouTube channel.

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