Watch: Broken Social Scene releases AI-generated video for ‘Can’t Find My Heart’

A trippy video that comes with unique, layered animation

Broken Social Scene have dropped a psychedelic, AI-generated video for “Can’t Find My Heart.”

The new Josh Usheroff-directed video takes a huge collection of performance footage and runs it through “a series of style transfers and surreal artificial intelligence-created textures,” according to a press release. Developed in collaboration with Alex Mordvintsev, this trippy video comes with unique, layered animation, fitting the anthemic track perfectly.

“I am fascinated by the changes that AI and machine learning are bringing to all aspects of our culture. I wanted to see how this technology was being used in more creative disciplines,” Usheroff explains in a statement. “I started researching generative art and came across a video by Alex Mordvintsev. The video featured a series of still images zooming and transforming into one another. The results were mesmerizing.”

Watch the video for “Can’t Find My Heart” below.

Lead photo courtesy of Richmond Lam.