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Watch: Brothers Convince Their Sister There’s A Zombie Apocalypse After She Gets Wisdom Teeth Surgery

UPDATE: Raina and Matt from the morning show got a hold of the prankster brothers. Listen to the interview here!

Post-wisdom teeth removal videos are abundant on the web, but this one takes the cake.

Recorded all on video, two brothers pull the ultimate prank on their little sister, Millicent. Just moments after Millicent’s wisdom teeth surgery, high on medication, her brothers convince her that a zombie outbreak has hit their city.

One curated radio announcement and a call from the sibling’s mother is all it takes to convince Millicent that the zombie outbreak is real. In the video, Millicent’s brother plays a CD recording of a radio station interrupted by the Emergency Broadcast System announcing a virus outbreak. The brothers even go to extreme lengths getting their own mother involved as she calls them to tell them, “You need to get home right now…”


The staging only escalates from there. The siblings rush home to gather what they can during the zombie outbreak, forcing Millicent to make all the difficult decisions. She is faced with many tough choices, even on post-surgery medication.

She yells, “We have guns, why are you putting garden equipment in the car?”

Her brother asks her, “We can only take one pet. Which pet? The cat or the dog?”

“THE CAT, YOU IDIOT!” she replies.

You can watch this terribly hilarious prank in the player above.

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