Watch: Bry Webb’s “Prove Me Wrong”

Canadian Premiere of Bry Webb's music video "Prove Me Wrong"

Constantine’s frontman Bry Webb is bringing you a Canadian premiere for his latest single “Prove Me Wrong” off of his second solo album, Free Will.

The video is filmed at The Donkey Sanctuary of Canana, located on a farm just outside Guelph, ON. Directed by Colin Medley, the video features imagery of the sanctuary and some of its donkeys that have been abused, mistreated or abandoned. Here’s what Webb had to say about the video:

“When Colin Medley had the idea to make a music video there, it seemed perfect. Music video making can often be an undignified process for musicians—I’m not really inclined to lip sync my own songs—but putting one of the songs to [cinematographer] Maya Bankovic and Colin’s wonderful slow motion shots of these incredibly dignified animals has made me very happy.”

Watch the video down below.