Watch: Buzzcocks release first track since Pete Shelley’s passing

Co-founder Pete Shelley passed away in 2018

British punk band Buzzcocks have released “Gotta Get Better,” their first new track since singer, guitarist and co-founder Pete Shelley passed away in 2018.

The band doesn’t hold back at all as they blaze in with a raucous and electric track, staying true to their classic punk sound. Uplifting lyrics like, “Each time that you think it’s going wrong, I’ll be there to keep you holding on,” remind listeners that the band members will always have each other’s backs.

The song was originally released in 2014 as a solo track by Buzzcocks guitarist and vocalist Steve Diggle. The latest version including the rest of the band stays quite true to the original.

Check out the video for “Gotta Get Better” below.