Watch: Canadian kid quits Walmart job with epic speech over intercom

'F*ck management. F*ck this job. And f*ck Walmart.'

Last Thursday, Walmart customers in Grande Prairie, Alberta were probably a little shocked when employee Jackson Racicot decided to quit his job with a long, epic rant over the store’s intercom.

Racicot took to the intercom and addressed all shoppers, associates, and management with a lengthy speech about the working conditions at Walmart, where he even calls out his boss for referring to him as a “waste of time.” After a year and a half, Racicot got “sick of all the bullshit, bogus write-ups, and my job.” He even ends the clip by saying “Fuck management. Fuck this job. And fuck Walmart,” slamming down the phone as people around him applaud.

Check out the full speech below.

According to Racicot’s Facebook post, he then ran out of a fire door, likely setting off an alarm.