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Watch: Caroline Kingsbury shares retro neon video for ‘Kissing Someone Else’

Caroline Kingsbury has shared her new album Heaven’s Just A Flight today, and to celebrate, she’s also dropped a captivating new video for “Kissing Someone Else.”

The ’80s glam pop tune comes packed with energetic, bubbly instrumentals, as Kingsbury delivers lines like, “I can feel your heartbeat while you’re kissing someone else/ You met her drinking in a dive bar asking ’bout books you’ve read.” The accompanying clip sees Kingsbury decked out in a retro outfit as she makes her way through a blocky, animated landscape.

“She’s running on a green screen treadmill in pumps that are slightly too tight,” Kingsbury explains. “Running through an eternal summer graphic. Throwing off shoes and clothes, because she’s too hot, literally and figuratively. She’s reminding you that you haven’t strut through a club in full hair and makeup in a while. A song that most definitely would have been a hit in the 80’s. Dressed like a secretly gay news presenter. ‘Kissing Someone Else’ will have you running in front of the mirror pretending you’re going so far, but we all know you aren’t because…those pumps are too tight!”

Watch the video for “Kissing Someone Else” below.

Heaven’s Just A Flight started at a dirty kitchen table whispering into a computer mic. ‘Heaven’ started in a tiny studio apartment I shared with my ex when I first moved to LA,” Kingsbury says of the album. “It started when I felt like I had already failed a career in music because I didn’t have an agent by the time I was 21. Heaven’s Just A Flight was born out of my teenage fear that I’ll never be skinny enough to be a pop star. And my failed American Idol audition at 15. I grew up and out of this record.”

Stream Heaven’s Just A Flight below.

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