Watch: Carrie Brownstein and St. Vincent share teaser trailer for their mockumentary ‘The Nowhere Inn’

The film is out on September 17th

Carrie Brownstein and St. Vincent have shared a teaser for their mockumentary, The Nowhere Inn.

“It was supposed to be a music documentary – concert footage, interviews… I wanted people to know who I really am,” St. Vincent says directly to the camera. “One of the reasons why I wanted to make a documentary in the first place is because I would finally be in control of the narrative. A small part of me was starting to second guess itself. Why was the movie never completed? All I can say is that somewhere along the way things went terribly wrong.”

The teaser comes packed with glitchy clips of St. Vincent and Brownstein as futuristic cowboys, sitting amidst smoke and statues, and more. Starring and co-written by Brownstein and St. Vincent, The Nowhere Inn premiered at Sundance at the beginning of 2020.

Watch the trailer for The Nowhere Inn below.

The Nowhere Inn is set for release in theatres and on streaming services on September 17th.