Watch: Century Fox reworked the ‘Die Hard’ trailer to make it into the ‘Greatest Christmas Story Ever Told’

Using voiceovers, cute kids, and music from 'The Nutcracker'

After film researcher Steven Follows used data to prove that ‘Die Hard’ really is a Christmas movie, Century Fox has put together a holiday-skewed trailer in honour of the film’s 30th anniversary to prove that it truly is “The Greatest Christmas Story Ever Told.”

The short clip indulges in all of the festive tropes, beginning with a voiceover that states, “This is John. He just wants to spend Christmas with the family.” It even continues on to feature cute kids, music from The Nutcracker, and Alan Rickman ominously stating, “Ho ho ho” before the video bursts into the traditional action-packed flick.

Watch the reworked trailer for Die Hard below.