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Watch: Chad Vangaalen Shares New Video for ‘Pine and Clover’

The Canadian artist recently shared a new music video for “Pine and Clover,” a single off of his upcoming album Light Formation.

The video, which was produced out of a combination of claymation, cell animation, and paperless 2D animation, is about a shapeshifter that cannot retain memories. The shifter transforms into anything that it gets near to, but cannot remember what it transformed into previously.

“The style and economy of the animation is governed by my ability to sit in a chair and draw for as long as I possibly can without being distracted by my beautiful vegetable garden. Because of the garden and its beauty, I have been inspired to make most of the environments similar to what I see in the garden, so needless to say there is a lot of lettuce.”

Light Formation is due out on September 8 via Flemish Eye in Canada, and Sub Pop everywhere else. Watch the video for “Pine and Clover” below.

Vangaalen will perform in Toronto on November 30 at Lee’s Palace. Click here for a full list of tour dates.

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