Watch: Chance the Rapper releases new video for ‘I Love You So Much’ in the form of a video game encoded by Chicago students

Students coded a new video game called SuperMe, soundtracked to Chance's song

Chance the Rapper has released a new video for his collaborative track with DJ Khaled, “I Love You So Much,” which comes in the form of a video game called SuperMe.

The game was coded and designed by Chicago Public School students, and it features student-created superheroes, which they created after themselves. The game sees the superheroes flying through the city, collecting hearts. “Superheroes come in all shapes and sizes,” the opening to the game reads. “We all possess the power to be a hero. Take a journey with our Chicago Public School heroes.”

“In 2017, with CS4All, Scratch, and a little help from Google, we told hundreds of kids from the South Side of Chicago they could do anything with code,” Chance wrote in a blog post. “Since then, we’ve been busy with teacher training, hosting family creative coding nights, and getting the whole community excited about what’s possible with code.”

Watch a preview for the video game below or play the game here.