Watch: Chance The Rapper unveils title, release date, artwork for forthcoming album

'The Big Day' is set for release on July 26

After releasing 10 Day and Acid Rap on streaming services, Chance The Rapper took to The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, where he revealed the title, release date, and artwork for his forthcoming album.

The highly anticipated record will be called The Big Day, and it’s set to drop next Friday, July 26th. As Fallon presses Chance about the secrecy and mystery behind the album in the interview, the rapper reveals the cover, which is a hand holding a transparent CD. To encourage Chance to reveal the release date or the title of the record, Fallon makes a deal with the Chicago MC by agreeing to pre-order the album if he unveils a little bit of information about the cryptic record.

Check out the interview in full below.