Watch: Charlotte Cardin (Collective Arts Black Box Session)

Charlotte Cardin performs "Dirty Dirty" and "Like It Doesn't Hurt" live at Indie88 in the Collective Arts Black Box.

Montreal-based pop singer Charlotte Cardin realized that music was her true calling after making it to the final four as a contestant on the 2013 season of La Voix, the Francophone version of the The Voice.

But now she’s proving that her talents go far beyond the scope of reality TV. After the series introduced her overnight to Quebec, she took a step back from the craziness that comes with a show like La Voix to think about what she personally wanted to create as a musician and songwriter. The result is her first EP, Big Boy, which features the two tracks she performed for us in the Collective Arts Black Box.

Accompanied by minimalist electronic percussion and synth elements, Cardin performing in such an intimate setup highlights the power of her alluring voice and ability to craft unforgettably haunting melodies.

“Dirty Dirty”

“Like It Doesn’t Hurt”