Watch: Charly Bliss drops dreamy new music video for ‘Young Enough’

'Young Enough' is dreamy, serene, and wild ride

Charly Bliss has dropped a new music video for their single, “Young Enough.”

The video was directed by Henry Kaplan, with frontwoman Eva Grace Hendricks and the rest of the band dressed in all-white and accompanied by two dancers in the middle of an empty field.

The video opens up with Hendricks dressed in a white jumpsuit accompanied by others, as smoke surrounds them. Hendricks leads a trio into a dance that is in complete unison, as the video focuses on time. The clip makes it seem as though time is going to fast, as showcased by the hands of the clock and Hendricks herself moving at a quick speed like in a time lapse.

Watch Charly Bliss’ “Young Enough” Below.

Charly Bliss is currently on tour, and a full list of tour dates can be found on their official website here