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Watch: Charly Bliss drops video for new single ‘Hard To Believe’

As the release of Young Enough quickly approaches, Charly Bliss has dropped a Henry Kaplan-directed video for their new single “Hard To Believe.”

The track is sprinkled with sugary vocal lines, catchy guitar riffs, and bop-worthy melodies as frontwoman Eva Hendricks sings accessible lyrics like, “I’m kissing anything that takes me far away from you.” “While we’re running songs, each band-member usually has their own inner-monologue running of either things they’re distracted by, or things they’d rather be doing,” Hendricks explains in a statement. “This video feels extremely ‘us’ and I don’t think we could have made it with anyone else.”

Watch the video for “Hard To Believe” below.

Young Enough hits the shelves on May 10th, 2019.

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