Watch: Charly Bliss release dark video for powerful new tune ‘Chatroom’

The band drops their new album 'Young Enough' on May 10

Brooklyn-based indie rockers Charly Bliss have just dropped a dark video for their powerful and infectious new tune, “Chatroom.” The track may seem upbeat and boisterous on a first listen, but as you delve deeper into the meaning of “Chatroom,” a tonally dark theme unveils itself.

“I was sexually assaulted by someone I dated and I wrote ‘Chatroom,’ and most of ‘Young Enough’ as a way of processing that experience and explaining it to myself,” frontwoman Eva Hendricks explains in a statement. “‘Chatroom’ is a song about reaching ecstatic joy through consuming rage. Simply put, it’s a colossal ‘fuck you’ and a celebration of reaching the point of ‘fuck you’ that isn’t diluted by self-blame or apologies.”

The tune comes accompanied by an ominous video directed by Maegan Houang, which you can watch below.

Charly Bliss drop their new album Young Enough on May 10th.