Watch: Chris Baio (Collective Arts Black Box Session)

Watch the Vampire Weekend bassist perform "Sister of Pearl" from his debut solo album, The Names.

While you probably recognize him as the bassist of Vampire Weekend, Chris Baio recently stepped into a spotlight of his own with the release of his first ever solo LP The Names. During downtime between tours with Vampire Weekend, Baio began to delve into his influences and develop his own musical voice. Creating his solo record allowed Baio to create without boundaries, both musically and lyrically, exploring ideas of belonging, identity, and finding one’s place in the world.

“What I wanted to feel with this record was that it’s not a band record, it’s not a solo record and it’s not a producer record, but a combination of all three. I wanted to create a space where almost anything could happen,”

Watch Baio perform “Sister Of Pearl” live in the Collective Arts Black Box.