Watch: Chris Pratt Gives Us Drunk Acting Advice

“The truth is, it’s hot as hell, and I’m drunk.”

At the end of a GQ Magazine shoot, Chris Pratt was supposed to do a video bit offering advice on how to be a successful actor. But, as he puts it, he took too many shots and he’s “not sharp right now… I’m dull!”

In the video, Pratt tells us what to do if we’re ever in a Jamba Juice and we see a T-Rex. Or if we’re in the desert and we see a snake, or if we get pulled over and we have a bunch of weed in the glovebox. He also made an old-school anti-meth PSA that’s very, very informative.

While the whole thing feels a little product placement-y for Fireball Whiskey (which he says about a hundred times), it’s still hilarious. Check it out below:

“This has been acting with Chris Pratt. I hope it helps, I’m guessing it won’t.”