Watch: Chvrches Lead The Crowd in a Moment of Rage at Austin City Limits

The Scottish trio won't back down

The Glasgow synth pop band brought rage to the stage this Saturday at the Austin City Limits Festival. Even in the Texas heat, the trio wouldn’t back down, with lead singer Lauren Mayberry leading the crowd in a cathartic scream.

Mayberry bounded around the stage with a poofy ballroom gown, a “Love Is Dead” necklace, fishnets, and leather boots.

Stream the performance below.

Like most people on Saturday, Mayberry was feeling troubled by the political climate. “A pretty bad day for humanity,” she exclaimed. “That’s why we make dance-and-cry music, for when you don’t know whether to dance or cry or do both at the same time.”

Mayberry even led the crowd in a moment of rage. “I don’t know why they do a moment of silence at time like these,” Mayberry said. “What we need is a moment of screaming ‘fuuuuuck!’