Watch: Coldplay sends tribute to Paris with “Imagine” cover

A tribute to the victims of the Paris Attacks

Friday night was supposed to be a big night for Coldplay fans. Their performance scheduled at Belasco Theater in L.A. was scheduled to be live streamed via Tidal, while they played new material from their upcoming album A Head Full of Dreams.

However, while the tragic events in Paris unfolded that night, those plans were postponed. Subbing out new material with old, such as “Us Against The World” and the first performance of “Sparks” since 2007 the band began their set with a chilling rendition of John Lennon’s “Imagine”.

This was not the only tribute of “Imagine” performed for Parisians, as one street performer brought his Piano in front of the Bataclan Theatre for a similar cover.

Watch the fan-shot performance in the player above.