Watch: Country rockers The Olson Brothers share video for debut single ‘Molly’

A fun-loving first track from the American band

American country rockers The Olson Brothers have shared a video for their debut track, “Molly.”

“Molly” is a fun alt pop-tinged tune with energetic guitar lines, and catchy vocals, making for an upbeat, fun-loving earworm. The accompanying video sees The Olson Brothers performing the tune on stage at a country bar as patrons flirt with a girl sitting at the bar until she walks up and hands the frontman her number.

“‘Molly’ is inspired by a fun summer fling,” The Olson Brothers explain. “Our family’s bar back home in Kenosha is the spot we all go to hangout. The song was written after a night out drinking.”

Watch the video for “Molly” below.