Watch: Courtney Barnett Performs ‘Everybody Here Hates You’ and ‘Small Talk’ for Vevo Originals

Courtney Barnett lets loose in chill jam session

Australian singer-songwriter and musician Courtney Barnett performs her two singles “Everybody Hates You” and “Small Talk” for Vevo Originals.

The session is fun, playful and very laid back, while Barnett and her bandmates have fun jamming together, as Barnett, bassist Bones Sloane and Drummer David Mudie let loose in this jam session. “Everybody Hates You” is an endearingly self-deprecating song, with lyrics about low self-esteem sang throughout the song in a humorous way. “Small Talk” is a playful track about being over the small talk and wanting something more.

Watch Courtney Barnett’s performance of “Everybody Hates You” and “Small Talk” below.