Watch: Damon Albarn Carried Off Stage By Security

Not even rockstars can avoid curfews

Damon Albarn was having way too much fun this weekend after he broke curfew at Rokslide Music Festival in Denmark. After pushing the set through to 4:00 AM, festival organizers tried to get him to wrap the show up. Maybe because he had a couple drinks, or maybe just because of the adrenaline pumping through his veins from the cheering crowd, he wouldn’t stop the show — forcing security to pick him up like a toddler in a toy store and carry him off stage.

Albarn was playing with his project called Africa Express, which features Nick Zinner from the Yeah Yeah Yeah’s, Seye Adeklan, and Songhoy Blues. He also brought out fellow Blur band-mate Graham Coxon to perform with him on stage. They played a number of covers including The Clash, Gorrilaz and Randy Newman.

Take a look at the video of Albarn losing his battle with security above.