Watch Damon Albarn “Everyday Robots” Video

Damon Albarn is exploring new science fiction-ish theories for upcoming album.

Frontman of Gorillaz and Blur, Damon Albarn also flies solo once in a while. Over the weekend he announced that we can expect a new LP titled Everyday Robots, and today he premiered the video for the title track.

While the lyrics seem like something out of a sci-fi novel, the music video is fairly tame in comparison. But the creepy CGI skull still has an eerie and powerful meaning that backs up Albarn’s idea of us all being everyday robots waiting to be sold.

Artist Aitor Throup is the twisted mind behind the video and he comments saying the use of CGI and actual cranial scans were the inspiration behind the video. Eventually the putty shapes to be Damon Albarn’s recognizable face.

Watch the video below.