Watch: Dan Mangan Shares New ‘Whistleblower’ Video

From his 2016 release Unmake

Vancouver-based singer-songwriter Dan Mangan unveiled a new video Tuesday for “Whistleblower,” from his 2016 EP Unmake. Mangan and director Stuart Gillies developed the concept over the course of an afternoon. It explores what’s on the other side of anger.

“Seems there is a lot of anger in the world,” Mangan said in a release. “Anger can be important. Anger can topple tyrants. Anger can be a catalyst to growth. But, if it becomes the default lens through which the world is seen, it can blind us from the redemption or beauty that can be found in this absurdity of errors. This video was not made with the intent to incite anger, but it does hope to advocate to work through anger and find the other side of it. To find resolution, forgiveness, and peace. Everyone involved donated their time/talent completely, and I am so grateful.”

Watch the video below.