Watch: Dancing Toronto Starbucks Barista with Autism Appears on ‘Ellen’

Sam Forbes says that being hired at Starbucks changed his life.

One viral video of Sam Forbes, the dancing barista, landed Sam and his boss on The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

Sam is a 17 year-old Starbucks barista with autism living in Toronto. The viral video of Sam joyfully dancing his way through work touched the hearts of many. In his interview with Ellen, alongside Chris Ali, his boss, he explained that dancing while he works helps him concentrate.


Sam was told that he would never be employable but was given the opportunity to be a barista at Starbucks by his boss, Chris. The two initially met at Camp Thrive, an event affiliated with Integrated Services for Autism and Neurodevelopmental Disorders (ISAND).

Sam explained to the audience that Chris made a huge impact on his life by giving him a chance to work.

“He’s an amazing boss and he’s also a really, really good friend and I wouldn’t give him up for anything,” said Sam.


As per Ellen-etiquette, she surprised Sam with a custom-made tip jar and trip to Japan, his dream vacation. DeGeneres didn’t forget about Chris, as she treated him with a personalized video from the Toronto Raptors’ Demar DeRozen, Kyle Lowry, and Masai Ujiri and an invitation to a Raptors’ practice.

You can watch the interview below: