Watch: Dash-cam catches video of small plane just missing moving vehicle before crashing into fence near Buttonville Airport

Such a close call

A new dash-cam video popped up on Tuesday afternoon, which shows a small plane just missing a moving vehicle before it crashes into a fence north of Buttonville Airport.

The clip was captured by a vehicle travelling westbound on 16th Avenue near the 404 in the early afternoon, and it sees the plane veer through a path of oncoming vehicles as one of its wings comes unbelievably close to touching the road.

Watch the outrageous clip below.

The video shows that, after the plan avoids colliding with the vehicle, it crashes into a fence before eventually coming to a stop in a ditch on the side of the road. According to Police, there was a male instructor and female student in the plane at the time, but luckily both of them escaped without any injuries.