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Watch: Daughter’s Elena Tonra shares video for new track as Ex:Re ‘Where the Time Went,’ announces forthcoming album

Daughter’s Elena Tonra has announced a new album as Ex:Re, Ex:Re with 12 Ensemble, which is set for release this Friday via Glassnote. As part of the announcement, she’s shared a self-directed video for hew new track, “Where the Time Went.”

The forthcoming album was recorded live at King’s Place in London in November, 2019, and it sees Tonra joined by classical composer Josephine Stephenson and 12 Ensemble.

“We were mixing the record while concerts and events around the world were being cancelled and postponed, so it was really moving to listen to the audio over and over during that time,” Tonra explains. “The sound of a room filled with people was, and is, something we were all greatly missing. There is also some magic in there. Jonathan added some beautiful moments of story-telling in the mix. On ‘New York,’ for example, the strings suddenly feel as though they are dripping down the sides of your head.”

Watch the video for “Where the Time Went” below.

“Working with acoustic instruments was an opportunity to add subtle, yet tangible dynamic details to highlight Elena’s words,” Stephenson adds. “As the Ex:Re songs are often built from loops, I enjoyed exploring the multitude of possible variations and reinventions within these, adding counter-melodies and making small changes in harmony or voicing. After touring with the Ex:Re band for a year, I knew the songs inside out, and had already started expanding and orchestrating them in my head. I also felt fearless knowing I was writing for the 12 Ensemble, who are all exceptionally talented musicians and comfortable in all sorts of genres.”

The new record will mark the follow-up to Tonra’s self-debut as Ex:re, which came out back in 2018. Currently, Tonra is also working with Daughter on their third album, which is anticipated to drop in late 2021.

Check out the tracklist for Ex:Re with 12 Ensemble below.
Ex:Re with 12 Ensemble Tracklist:

01 – “Where The Time Went (with 12 Ensemble)”
02 – “Crushing (with 12 Ensemble)”
03 – “New York (with 12 Ensemble)”
04 – “Romance (with 12 Ensemble)”
05 – “The Dazzler (with 12 Ensemble)”
06 – “Too Sad (with 12 Ensemble)”
07 – “Liar (with 12 Ensemble)”
08 – “I Can’t Keep You (with 12 Ensemble)”
09 – “5AM (with 12 Ensemble)”
10 – “My Heart (with 12 Ensemble)”

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