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Watch: Dave ‘Bookie’ Bookman talks importance of being yourself in ‘Unsung Hero’ CIMA Awards acceptance speech

As the music community in Canada continues to mourn the loss of beloved radio host Dave “Bookie” Bookman, we wanted to take the opportunity to share an important moment in his career when he was recognized at the Canadian Independent Music Association (CIMA) Awards as an “Unsung Hero.”

The Unsung Hero Award recognizes an unwavering commitment and outstanding support to the Canadian independent music industry, which is one of the largest facets of Bookie’s renowned impact. Bookie was a crusader of the independent, using his spirit and impact to start careers for bands like Billy Talent, and running his Nu Music Nites at the Horseshoe every Tuesday for decades. Bookman’s powerful speech sees him discussing the importance of being yourself in the industry, and campaigning for up and coming artists.

Watch Bookie’s “Unsung Hero” acceptance speech below.

“I didn’t have a job, I didn’t have nothing. All I had was a want, a want to do what we got to do everyday,” Bookman says passionately in the clip. “They gave me the opportunity just to be me, and as I’ve told people there when they decided to get into radio, there’s no ad you’re going to answer, there’s no classified thing to look for. Be yourself, get in the door, and make something happen.”

As Bookie continues on with his powerful speech, he spoke of the impact his family had on his musical taste. “I’d like to thank my family,” Bookman states. “In the movie Almost Famous, there’s the great scene where Zooey Deschanel tells William to ‘Check under the bed, check under the bed.’ And he pulls out the records – he pulls out all the great records of the 60’s, and that was kind of how I did it. I had older brothers, and there was drawers where records were in and I was able to just open them and find them, and from there I was able to discover the Beach Boys and Bob Dylan, and that sent me on the path of righteousness when it comes to music.”

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