Watch: Dave Grohl invites crowdsurfing fan in a wheelchair on stage

Fan joins Foo Fighters on stage after 'Everlong' at Sziget Festival

Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl invited a fan in a wheelchair on stage to crowdsurf during their headline set at the Sziget Festival in Hungary on Tuesday night. After their closing track “Everlong,” Grohl thanked the audience when he paid tribute to the fan crowdsurfing from his wheelchair and a girl who was blowing bubbles. He invited both of them to be lifted on the stage, where he praised and hyped the crowd.

Grohl said this to the audience “Ladies and gentlemen I would like to say, even to the guy in the fucking wheelchair, He’s the fucking star of the show right there – that’s the fucking star of the show. My man! My man! I have a question; do you wanna come up and watch the show from up here?

“You wanna come up? Bring that motherf*cker up here right now. Come on, come see the show. And then you know what? How about this: the girl with the bubbles, you still got bubbles? Where’s my bubble girl? I need the bubble girl and I need this man here right now – come up on stage.”

Kerrang Magazine tweeted this great moment with a photo of the Grohl with the crowdsurfer. Check out the tweet, below.

The footage was captured by a fan in the crowd, Watch this awesome joyous moment below.