Watch: Dave Grohl Unveils “Rock Throne” at Washington D.C. Show

Designed with a lot of 'inspiration' from doctors

Nearly a month after Dave Grohl broke his leg falling off stage at a show in Sweden, the Foo Fighters are back and more magnificent as ever. What happens when you mix Morphine, Oxycontin and and desperate itch to play shows again? If you’re Dave Grohl, you design a rock throne sitting in a hospital bed, while you’re “high as a fucking kite”.

Complete with guitar necks shooting out the side, lights and a massive Foo Fighters logo, the only thing the throne lacked from it’s original design was the “lasers and shit shooting from the top” as Grohl explains. The epic Game of Thrones style seat was unveiled this weekend during a show in Washington D.C., after the band was forced to cancel a number of dates due to his injury.

The only question that remains, is Grohl the true King of the Seven Kingdoms?

Check out the fan-made video above of the entire hilarious story.