Watch: David Letterman Requests a Ryan Adams Encore

A bit of redemption in the Late Show's final days

In his final days of hosting the Late Show, David Letterman is bringing back some of his most popular guests, as well as some acts who need a bit of redemption for past faux pas.

For those of you who don’t remember 2002 like it was yesterday, that was the year Ryan Adams debuted his album Demolition on the Late Show with a truly memorable performance of “Starting To Hurt” — Adams sounded great, but looked really out of it.

This time, the now clean and sober Adams performed the same song and sounded just a great, but this time looked like he was actually present. Letterman liked it so much he actually asked the band to play another. Hey, it’s his last week, Letterman can do whatever he wants.

Check out the 2002 performance below, and the new and improved performance below that. We’ll miss ya, Dave.