Watch: Deepfake clip of Bill Hader morphing into Tom Cruise will melt your brain

People are losing their minds over this viral clip

A 2008 clip of Bill Hader in conversation with David Letterman has gone viral over its presentation of Hader doing a Tom Cruise impression while his face momentarily morphs into Cruise’s. Its creator used Deepfake technology, a process of doctoring clips and superimposing faces onto actual footage of others.

The process has become the subject of much debate, due in large part to the practice of some people using celebrity’s faces and placing them into existing pornographic scenes and its use on fake news sites. The Hader clip was created by popular YouTuber Ctrl Shift Face. See if for yourself below.

The video’s creator describes his clips as “windows to parallel universes,” on his page. This should work wonders for the Fake News set.