Watch: Dinosaur Jr. release stop-motion animated video for new track ‘Take it Back’

Their new album drops this Friday

Dinosaur Jr. are gearing up for the release of their new album, Sweep It Into Space, this Friday, April 23rd via Jagjaguwar and today they’ve dropped a new video for “Take It Back.”

The Callum Scott-Dyson-directed video is an animated stop-motion clip, which follows the creature on the front of the album sleeve for Sweep It Into Space through a series of flashy, creative scenes.

Scott-Dyson “really wanted to use the creature on the front of the album sleeve for Sweep It Into Space as an inspiration and springboard for its own little adventure, exploring some simple notions of creation, dependence, coming of age and searching for another like yourself.”

Watch the video for “Take It Back” below.

“I wanted to mix those themes with my style of stop motion animation, everything being very DIY and handmade, using any materials I could get my hands on to bring the idea to life and give it a surreal and otherworldly feel,” Scott-Dyson adds. “I’ve always been a really big fan of Dinsoaur Jr, so I was working extra hard to do something that could add to such an awesome track and sit alongside it.”

Dinosaur Jr. also announced that this year’s edition of Camp Fuzz, which takes place from July 27th to 30th in Big Indian, New York, will feature appearances from Sopranos actor and writer Michael Imperioli, Negative Approach, and SNL alumni Tim Meadows.