Watch: Dizzy make their return with video for new track ‘Sunflower’

A new vintage video for the energetic track

Dizzy have made their return with a video for their new track, “Sunflower.”

“So happy to be coming out of hibernation to share this song with you,” Dizzy explain on Facebook. “She started as a voice note of a choir we heard rehearsing at a rec centre one night, and ended up unearthing a mantra of self awareness and confusion in the process. The song acts as a 3 and a half minute ‘snap out of it!’ when we’re feeling low. Hope you can find a piece of yourself in it.”

“Sunflower” is an uplifting, energetic track with ambient, guitar-driven instrumental lines as frontwoman Katie ‘s vocals take the lead, delivering lines like, “How do I sleep without having a dream where I don’t wake up?” The accompanying Brittany Farhat-directed video is a perfectly unnerving vintage clip that follows the band as they make their way through mundane tasks, getting stuck in loop after loop.

Watch the video for “Sunflower” below.