Watch: EL VY Release “Silent Ivy Hotel”

EL VY release the fifth tune as 'Return to the Moon' drops Friday.

EL VY is continuing their steady stream of releasing new tunes leading up to their debut LP “Return to the Moon”, which comes out this Friday October 30th.

Silent Ivy Hotel is the fifth ingenious lyric video released from EL VY, and bears more resemblance to art-house cinema than your everyday lyric video, which so often rely solely on gimmicks.

Like the other releases thus far, “Silent Ivy Hotel” is a quirky, but completely infectious jam with enough small details to demand multiple listens. Berninger’s now iconic croon is backed by a dense arrangement of piano, guitar, organ, intricate drum fills, and a spaghetti western meets James Bond guitar riffs.

Check out Indie88 Presents EL VY at The Opera House on Nov 17th.