Watch Eleven from Stranger Things Rap an Entire “Monster” Verse

Plus a comeback from Barb

Shortly after the confirmation of a second season, the remarkably talented (and young) cast of Stranger Things made their way to The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon for some fun and games.

For example, check out this amazing video of Eleven actress Millie Bobby Brown rapping Nicki Minaj’s verse from Kanye West’s My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy track “Monster.” The eleven year old actress effortlessly sails through a clean version of the verse while simultaneously getting sprayed with silly string by her cast mates.

Later on, in Tonight Show tradition, the kids stuck around for a parody skit of their show, with help from Fallon as Steve Harrington. In the clip, Barb makes a comeback, asking questions we have silently been wondering all along. Watch below:

While it appears as though the young cast is well versed in modern pop culture, they still have quite a lot to learn about 80’s trivia. Check out this bonus Facebook live event the Netflix backed show also released.