Watch: ELIO shares video for new track ‘hurts 2 hate somebody’

Her forthcoming EP is set for release in January 2021

Canadian pop artist ELIO has shared a video for her new track “hurts 2 hate somebody.”

The new track comes packed with smooth, dreamy instrumentals and catchy vocals. The accompanying video sees ELIO making her way through a day in high school while singing along to the track.

“‘Hurts 2 hate somebody’ is a track about moving on from resenting someone or even a situation,” ELIO explains. “I’m naturally a very pessimistic person, I’ve really had to train my mind to not jump to the worst thing that could possibly happen or just assume someone hates me right off the bat. It gets to a point where you get so tired of being miserable that it’s more harmful to yourself than to the person you hate. It’s really not worth the energy, and when you realize that, you begin to recognize it in other people.”

Watch the video for “hurts 2 hate somebody” below.

ELIO’s forthcoming EP is set for release in January 2021.