Watch: Ellis drops music video for new tune ‘Embarrassing’

'Born Again' is set for release on April 3

Hamilton dream-pop singer Ellis has dropped video for a new track called “Embarrassing,” which marks the second single off of her upcoming album Born Again, out April 3rd. This song follows “Fall Apart.”

The music video is a soft blue dreamland as Ellis sings laying down in a pile of feathers. Later, she stands in front of a deep, neon blue background as feathers fall around her, creating an atmosphere of hazy peace.

Check out the music video for “Embarrassing” below.

“I’ve come to realize that shame can be both good and bad, and the importance of recognizing the difference,” Ellis explains in a statement. “I’ve felt it often when I shouldn’t have, when I’ve been made to feel guilty for things that have happened outside of my control, or for feeling ashamed of my body or my femininity or my feelings. But I think it’s important to also recognize that some things shouldn’t be justified, sometimes I act in wrong ways and hurt myself or others around me. I am learning to take responsibility for my actions and to hold myself accountable for the things that I should be embarrassed by, to say sorry, and to be better,” said Ellis.

Born Again drops on April 3rd, and you can catch Ellis at the Monarch Tavern on April 24th.