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Watch: Ellis releases music video for single ‘Fall Apart,’ announces new album ‘Born Again’

Hamilton indie-pop artist Ellis has announced her new album Born Again, which is set for release April 3rd. As part of the announcement, Ellis has released the music video for her single “Fall Apart.”

This will be the artist’s first full-length album, as she continues to explore her dreamy bedroom-pop sound. Ellis spends the song reflecting on falling into her old habits, with soft vocals elevating lyrics like, “And now you see me on my bad days, falling back in my old ways/ Spinning circles in a black haze, I didn’t mean to fall apart.” The music video features shots played in reverse, edited between clips of Ellis playing light guitar in a sepia-filtered room, complimenting the song’s slow and melancholic narrative.

“I grew up Christian and was quite devoted to faith up through my late teens, but I started challenging that once I got to university,” Ellis says in a statement. “Since then I’ve been trying to redefine who I am and where I stand and what I think about these things on my own, and that journey very much played into the songwriting on this record.”

Check out the music video for “Fall Apart” and the tracklist for Born Again below.

Born Again Tracklist:

01 — “Pringle Creek”
02 — “Born Again”
03 — “Shame”
04 — “Embarrassing”
05 — “March 13”
06 — “Fall Apart”
07 — “Happy”
08 — “Into the Trees”
09 — “Saturn Return”
10 — “Zhuangzi’s Dream”

Born Again is out April 3rd.

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