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Watch: Etienne Dufresne shares retro, lo-fi video for new track ‘Jolicoeur’

Montreal indie pop artist Etienne Dufresne has shared a lo-fi video for his new track “Jolicoeur.”

The new track is full of blues influences with a modern twist, as Dufresne sings a poetic tale of boy meets girl, playing with the familiar story by giving it a Twin Peaks vibe. The accompanying retro video, which was directed by Dufresne in collaboration with Martin Paré and Rose Côté comes packed with vintage 3D images, paying tribute to 90’s video games like Golden Eye while painting a visual picture of “Jolicoeur.”

“‘Jolicoeur’ touches on the universal romantic disillusions of the 21st century and is paired with a music video inspired by the early days of video games,” Dufresne explains. “It is the story of someone who, in search of happiness, tries to start his life over elsewhere.”

Watch the video for “Jolicoeur” below.

“The video illustrates a desire to escape the boredom of everyday life,” Dufresne continues. “However, this illusory exodus can sometimes hide an existential crisis. Even on the other side of the world, reality often ends up catching up with anyone who tries to flee. A classic ‘Boy meets girl’ fiction with a background of caffeine-high induced heartbreak. The visual signature of the clip is an ode to David Lynch’s Twin Peaks and to lo-fi video games from the late 90s.”

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