Watch: Ex:Re reveals new video for ‘The Dazzler’ starring Maxine Peake

A new video from the former Daughter frontwoman

Daughter frontwoman Elena Tonra has just revealed a new Maxime Peake-starring video for “The Dazzler,” a track from her 2018 solo album, which was released under the moniker Ex:Re.

Peake finds herself in a gloomy, blue and orange lit hotel room as Tonra appears on the television screen singing the dark, melancholic track. “Elena told us The Dazzler was a real place, but we wanted to transform it into a hotel of the mind,” directors Iain Forsyth and Jane Pollard explained, according to DIY. “That lost, sedated limbo you get stuck in when you can’t get over your last relationship.”

Watch the video for “The Dazzler” below.