Watch: Fans Give a Man in a Wheelchair a Lift So He Can Watch Liam Gallagher Play ‘Wonderwall’

'Respect to the lads'

Music is for everyone, but unfortunately there are often a great deal of barriers for some people to enjoy it in a live setting. Over the weekend, some Liam Gallagher fans lent some help to Michael Reynolds, who has been using a wheelchair for the past five years, so he could watch a performance of “Wonderwall” at Manchester’s Old Trafford Cricket Ground.

Watch the great moment below.

“Obviously, there was the disabled area, but there were 15 of us and I am the only one in a wheelchair”, Reynolds told the Manchester Evening News.

“But I couldn’t see, I ended up just listening to it. My mates had the idea of lifting me up. Suddenly, there were 20 lads all helping. Everyone was loving it.”

Gallagher took to Twitter to express his respect to the people who helped Reynolds take in “Wonderwall,” calling it “biblical behaviour.”

Image via Twitter/@What_Jack_Said