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Watch: Fast Romantics (Hidden Studio Session)

Fast Romantics are gearing up to release their forthcoming album this spring. “This is our only record as far as we’re concerned,” explained frontman Matthew Angus, “everything else was just playdough.”

The band’s current line-up met just two years ago, and got to know each other rather quickly on a two year tour where they honed the songs that make up the new record.

They recently released the timely energetic anthem “Why We Fight” on the night of the American presidential inauguration, a hunger song for anybody chasing a passion for something that seems out of reach.

“America is getting pretty weird, and this song was written in the heat of all that,” Angus explained. “It inspired this conversation amongst our bandmates about the image we have in our heads of America, about the struggle for some sort of perfect “American dream” despite so much political and social chaos.”

The band visited the Stiegl Hidden Studio and put on a very lively performance of “Why We Fight”, plus two more tracks from their forthcoming album.

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