Watch: Female punk trio Egg Drop Soup share video for new track ‘Or Durves’

A set of puppets star in this new clip

Los Angeled-based alt-punk trio Egg Drop Soup have shared a video for their new track, “Or Durves.”

“When I was searching for new jobs, the word ‘I got fired today because of my bad attitude’ popped into my head,” Egg Drop Soup’s Sam Westervelt explains. The band then took that line, and built out the explosive song from there.

“Or Durves” is an anthemic tune, packed with gritty guitars, wailing vocals, and relatable lyrics. The accompanying video was created by Westervelt, who made the sets and puppets, and learned how to greenscreen. The video comes packed with shots of the band performing along to the tune, interspersed with shots of puppets working in an office.

Watch the video for “Or Durves” below.

“I can’t stress the word ‘challenge’ enough, but it was a good challenge which tested my patience, tenacity and follow-through,” Westervelt explains of the video. “There have been moments when I was like ‘how the fuck am I gonna pull this off’ but I think it’s really important for artists to stretch ourselves and find the comfort in the uncomfortable.”
Lead photo courtesy of Neto Velasco.